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Newsletter Archive: November 2011

This is a bumper issue, but please read on and find out about events we are organising in the New Year and feedback from those who have enjoyed this years activities.

A Pair of Workshops - Writing for Publication

Workshop 1: An Introduction to Writing / Workshop 2: Writing and Discussing your Paper

Have you ever thought about writing an article but have never got round to doing it? Are not sure where to publish it? Are you struggling to find time? Would like some friendly feedback?

Library and Information Research Group and the CILIP in London Branch are running two workshops, facilitated by successful academic authors and editors of library journals. The workshops include an introductory session aimed at new writers and a follow up for those interested in drafting a paper and receiving feedback.

Who should attend: Practitioners, students and academics. It is particularly suitable for those who have never written for publication or who would like some feedback about their writing. Participants at previous workshops have gone on to successfully publishing in a range of journals and newsletters.

Workshop 1: An Introduction to Writing

Date: 31 January 2012

Time: 10am -1pm

Venue: CILIP HQ Ridgmount St, London WC1E 7AE

This half-day workshop will provide an introduction to writing and give you a chance to think about your ideas for publications. It will also offer ideas and tips in: getting started; how to keep going; where to publish and the publishing process; what peer reviewers look for and how to deal with their comments.

Workshop 2: Follow up workshop - An Introduction to Writing and Discussing your Paper

Date: 13th February 2012

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Venue: CILIP HQ Ridgmount St, London WC1E 7AE

This half-day workshop will provide an opportunity to: discuss/review draft papers contribute a draft of your own for workshop discussion; network and discuss your experiences.

Participants can attend either or both sessions

Cost: £35 + VAT members of LIRG or the CILIP in London Branch / £50 +VAT non-members.

For attending both seminars: £50 +VAT LIRG or CILIP in London Branch members/ £75 + VAT non-members

Booking: via online form accessed via the LIRG website:


CPD - : This event carries the CILIP Seal of Approval

Payment and Conditions: LIRG accepts firm bookings via the LIRG Web site. All fees are payable in full prior to the date of the course. Cancellations received less than 7 working days before the start of the course will be subject to the full fee. For non-attendance at a course there will be no refunds and the full fee will be payable. Substitutions may be made at any time without additional cost. LIRG reserves the right to cancel a course if insufficient bookings have been received. Delegates will be offered an alternative date or a full refund of the course fee. LIRG reserves the right to make changes to the programme. LIRG will not be liable for any consequential loss of travel or accommodation fees due to cancellation of the course.

Enquiries regarding payment can be made to the LIRG Treasurer at - any general enquiries can be referred to Cilip in London

Future events: CILIP in London has an event at the Sekforde Arms on 9th January 2012 and a number of subsequent events including our AGM which is likely to be on Wednesday 8 February 2012, in conjunction with ILIG. Please check the London calendar for upcoming CILIP in London and other London events.

Future LIRG events - include writing research proposals and introduction to quantitative and qualitative research. Contact Alison Brettle at email:


Due to the success of our previous workshops on ‘Reflective Practice’ and ‘Copyright’ we may be offering a re-run, so look out for further information.

Alan Green attended both workshops and here are his comments on the copyright workshop. He's also blogged on the reflective practice event, it’s here:

Copyright Workshop

Copyright is a hard area to stay on top of. Legal changes and changes in interpretation or in the available advice can leave people feeling that the landscape is shifting around them. This is worrying because the consequences of getting lost can be serious.

We need an expert guide. Enter Kate Vasili, the Copyright Officer for Middlesex University and the speaker for this very useful event. CILIP in London organised this workshop to give us a chance to explore copyright with someone who knows the territory well.

Kate began with an overview of copyright law. Then we looked at the various exemptions particularly the ones which apply to education and library work. Apparently the famously vague ‘insubstantial amount’ isn’t clearly defined because we should focus on the quality of the information rather than the quantity. It’s nice to know they’re not just being difficult. We also had an enlightening look at the available licenses.

Attendees who were there to catch up on the latest developments weren’t disappointed. We discussed recent changes to the law. We were also updated on the government’s on-going attempts to plan the future of copyright. So far they’ve had lots of reviews. When that does lead to actual action we will be ahead of the game.

The workshop covered a range of other issues including creative commons and the problems surrounding international legal differences. We all left with a much clearer idea of how to find our way through the potentially tricky landscape of copyright.

Alan Green


Feedback from Elly O'Brien who attended the ‘Reflective Practice’ workshop

On 17th November, CILIP in London held a half day workshop on Reflective Practice. The speakers, Paula Nottingham and Rosemary McGuinness, are both lecturers in work-based learning at Middlesex University (

Paula provided a theoretical background to reflective practice, guiding us through some of the key theorists in the field. These theoretical models were useful in providing us with tools for effective reflective practice and Paula provided a substantial reference list (available at:

Reflective practice is a vital tool in work-based learning; therefore the workshop included a number of activities, allowing us to put theory in to practice. These included a learning log, where we wrote about a particular task or event at work. This structured form of reflection was useful because it helped to tease out learning points from the task/event.

Rosemary’s presentation included longer activities, including one where we reflected on our feelings around a particular event. Although professionalism dictates, we control our emotions at work. This exercise revealed that emotion was inextricably linked with workplace experience; therefore emotional reflection is also important.

Above all, Paula and Rosemary showed that reflective practice is not a one-off activity. It is not to be reserved for trouble shooting when things go wrong or for Chartership portfolios. We can all incorporate reflective practice into our work, whether it be keeping a reflective journal, encouraging reflective activities within our organisations or simply taking some time to reflect on events.


Now some feedback on our CPD23 linked event from Alan Fricker (

Back in July Cilip in London organised an event to tie with the CPD23 programme. With a title like “Thing 7: regional and national groups, special interest groups – in real life” it would have been rude not to.

A large group of diverse participants turned up on the night for a series of brief power point free talks followed by group discussions and then networking (CDG London & SE kindly supported the cost of wine and nibbles).

We recently followed up with participants to see if our favourable impression of the event was more widely felt.

Feedback was positive with people reporting being keen to get more involved in professional networks and enjoying the opportunity to share experiences while meeting a range of people outside their current contacts.

Suggestions for future events were made with strong support for more informal networking events, links to literature festivals and visits. We will work to respond to these suggestions in 2012.

The CPD23 programme meant that people should be blogging their experiences – you can read a small number of the resulting blog posts below


Now – regular calendar update - What’s on in London?

We continue to update our Google Calendar of events of interest in London. December is a lot quieter than November with most people winding down for Christmas. There are festive specials from UC& R London / COFHE-LASEC, ALISS and ILIG to look forward to. You can see all the events here can follow them as they are added to our twitter @ciliplndn.

Contributors are welcome so if you want to increase the chance of details of your event reaching a wide London based audience then get in touch

Cilip in London Committee

"Several new members have joined the Committee and a full list of the
2012 membership will be in the next newsletter. Meanwhile, here's a comment from one of the new members, Amy Icke, who is an Assistant School Librarian and will be helping out with these newsletters in future.” Peter Beauchamp (President)

“I wanted to get involved with CILIP London after attending the networking event they hosted as part of CPD 23. I also chatted to a number of colleagues and read several blog posts voicing the benefits of getting involved in committee work. I received a warm welcome at my first meeting and look forward to becoming more involved with the branch's activities in the new year. Lots of different sectors of librarianship are represented on the committee and I am keen to pool our shared knowledge so we can continue to bring an exciting programme of events to our members." Amy Icke

Message from the Editor of Cilip in London e-bulletin – Lesley Randall

I joined the committee in December 2008, working towards Chartership. In February 2010 I took on an unexpected role of editor of the newsletter. I have thoroughly enjoyed the role and have acquired new skills in the process. Now that we have several new members, it’s a good opportunity to step down (but not from the committee!) and give someone else a new experience. So this is my last issue and the January e- bulletin will be produced by Emma Davidson, assisted by Amy Icke.

Emma says “ As well as news of events and other activities, I'd really like to know what sort of things you want to read about in your branch newsletter, so please let me know if you have any requests or ideas. You can contact me directly at or via I've worked in libraries since 2004, studied my MA LIS at UCL, and am currently Information and Promotion Officer at the Royal Society - a job I particularly enjoy as it allows me to explore ways of promoting a fascinating historical collection using 21st century technology.


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